I was recently posed with the question: if you had an unlimited budget, how would you decorate your home? It’s funny because, while I love decor and scour magazines, blogs, etc all the time, I live in a New York City shoebox and definitely have a limited budget, so I’ve never allowed myself to dream big. I was at a loss for words. All I could come up with was that I love the look of black-washed floors against white walls or equally dark walls. It’s something that has always stood out in my mind as a luxurious and bold touch. I also now realize that I need to dream big when it comes to my decor ideas – more posts to come! 🙂

Courtesy of Belle Maison

I love how this room contrasts the bubble gum pink with the dark floors and grey couch. Would I recommend this look in a couple’s bedroom? Probably not, but it’s a gorgeous look for a woman’s study or bedroom. The lamp really brings it all together.

Courtesy of Houzz

This room depicts the quintessential modern architecture and decor that I have an affinity for. But if I were to make it my own, I would probably try to incorporate elements from other periods and schools of thought. There’s nothing like a good Eames lounge chair though.

Courtesy of Houzz

I love everything about this kitchen (except for the tableware, too bland). The refurbished reclaimed wood, the chrome finishes, the black floors, the cowhide chairs…swoon.

Courtesy of Houzz

I want to live here. Enough said.