I got in a fight with an old friend yesterday. It was about as heated as a fight over text message could get and left me really upset. Just when I thought the world was a dark, cruel place and that everyone in it was terrible and untrustworthy, I awoke to a bouquet of flowers at my door. Even though the delivery unceremoniously ripped me from my restless slumber, it restored my faith in humanity (at least for now). No the flowers weren’t from the old friend –  we are still working things out – they were from a very new friend. The small, and thoughtful, gesture has inspired me to make someone else’s day a little brighter. We’ve all experience the warm feeling that stems from a stranger holding the door for us during rush hour that compels us to show a similar kindness to someone else. I’m not a religious person, but experiencing that fleeting moment of love (that’s what it is if you really think about it) that is passed from stranger-to-stranger, acquaintance-to-acquaintance, friend-to-friend is nothing short of an everyday miracle.