sparkling-champagne-popping-cork-300x225I made this list earlier today…and realized I left one thing off the list…Blog! It’s something that I do for me and I love so obviously it needs to start again in earnest.

1) Say yes more than no
2) Call people instead of text
3) Try something new every month (hat tip: Steph Pelligra)
4) Spend more time with my dad
5) “Live” in another country – even if it’s just for 2 weeks
6) Relearn Spanish or Italian
7) Stop telling everyone their drink order is terrible (but Vodka? REALLY?)
8 ) Wear all the clothes in my closet(s)
9) Go on a girls trip
10) Stop worrying about being skinny – instead focus on being strong/fit
11) Ride my bike
12) Play more tennis
13) Tell people I love them more
14) Sleep without a light on (no judgment please)
15) Stop caring about what people think of me
16) Make more people laugh, even if it’s at my expense
17) Go to South America
18) Procrastinate less (after I finish this list)
19) Cook more
20) Be kinder
21) Start reading again for pleasure
22) Work my ass off, but be able to turn it off when the school/work day is over
23) Judge less
24) Save more
25) Listen to my friends when they tell me how awesome I am and drop kick my insecurities once and for all!